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What are the proper ways to handle an electrical emergency?

When you are in the middle of an electrical emergency it is important to make sure that people are safe.

  1. Tell any children or pets not to touch anything. 
  2. Stay away from the area until the problem has been fixed by a professional. 
  3. If there is smoke or smells coming from the equipment then turn off all breakers and leave the house immediately. Never turn them on again until they have been serviced by an electrician. 
  4. Never try to fix any electrical problems yourself unless you know what you’re doing, because this could potentially be hazardous to your health and/or life.
  5. Keep emergency numbers handy
  6. Contacting licensed electrical contractor.
  7. Don’t touch anything, get out of home in case of short circuit etc..*
  8. Having someone stay with you during the whole ordeal if possible so that they can call for help if it is needed. 
  9. If there is any kind of water damage then you need to contact an electrician immediately. 
  10. Turn off electrical breakers or disconnect power at the main fuse box or main breaker panel. If this doesn’t stop electricity flowing into your home, go outside and call 911 for assistance. · Follow manufacturer’s instructions for safe cleanup of small appliance or equipment.
  11. Never touch any water if there is electrical current running through it. 
  12. Call your electric company to report the outage and ask the dispatcher where technicians are in your area so that they can be sent out as quickly as possible. 
  13. Stay away from anything plugged into an electrical socket until you have been properly educated on how to deal with the problem. 
  14. Inform everyone that you are going to be doing any type of home work that involves electricity. This way no one will worry when they hear a drill in the middle of something electrical being worked on. 
  15. Don’t cook, iron clothes, or use hair dryers if there is a gas leak. These items can spark and cause an explosion in your home which could lead to injuries and/or death in some cases. 
  16. When the power goes out, don’t go looking for extension cords or alternative power sources. Don’t place anything in the path of flow if there is a fire. 
  17. A lot of electricians like to use generators when working on large jobs that require more electricity than normal. Make sure that you are away from the area while any type of generator is being used. Gasoline fumes can be very dangerous and may lead to death if they are not dealt with accordingly.
  18. If you see sparks or flames coming out of equipment then turn off the breaker immediately, don’t try to fix it yourself because this could potentially cause injury or even death in some cases. Keep everyone away until an electrician has come to fix the problem/deal with the situation. 
  19. Don’t assume that if one someone’s house goes dark it is due to a power outage. First make sure that there isn’t a fuse out or something wrong with the breaker box. 
  20. If you are experiencing any type of electrical problem in your home please contact an electrician immediately so that the situation can be dealt with as soon as possible and everyone can remain safe.

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Contact now for FREE ESTIMATES – Rose ElectricalBest Electrician Doncaster | Emergency Electrician Doncaster | Air Conditioning Repairs Doncaster | We provide 24 HOURS SERVICE – Service Work Guaranteed! ! ! Call now ! ! ! 07990 750592 or visit

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