Fault Finding Services

Fault finding & rectification

Fault finding & rectification

Electrical defects such as deteriorated light fittings, faulty circuits, or blown fuses can occur at any time. Inspecting and rectifying the same is very important as these defects can lead to serious safety hazards. It is never advised to repair or fix major electrical faults like these without any experience on your own. Qualified electricians can test, repair, and replace the fittings or faulty wiring as needed in half the time you take whilst ensuring safety.

More often than not, electrical faults are likely to be seen in the fuse boards with constant tripping, blown fuses, tripped residual current device (RCD), or other lighting and wiring faults. At Rose electricals, we provide a thorough electrical inspection of the electrical installations that help us identify any signs of loose connections, burnt-out filament, incorrect wiring or faulty components. Upon completing the inspection, we suggest the necessary rectifications to fix the electrical fault. 

Even the smallest electrical faults can have the potential to be very hazardous if left it unattended. It is always best to seek our help when you notice issues with the plug sockets, circuits, and lightings. We offer a comprehensive range of electrical fault finding and rectification services that can safeguard your home or business in the littlest time possible. Our electricians are NIC-EIC approved with years of experience in the field that help them uncover the electrical faults in the wiring or circuits in the shortest time. We always approach the customer and explain the issue allowing them to settle on an informed decision to resolve the issue.

We offer electrical fault-finding and rectification solutions in both commercial and domestic properties with our highly skilled electricians at short notice.