electrical repair service

Electrical Repairs Service

Electrical Repair Service

Rose Electrical electrician in Doncaster. We have been repairing appliances throughout Doncaster for many years. 

We are a family business that puts our customers first. We offer a friendly & professional experience. Identifying fault or an electrical problem to your appliances and electrics, installation of new appliances, and on hand if you need an emergency electrician.

The World of Domestic Appliances Our modern world is unimaginable without domestic appliances. They save us time, effort, and often, they become the unsung heroes of our daily routines.

The Rise of Domestic Appliance Sales From washing machines to electric cookers, domestic appliance sales have skyrocketed over the years. And why not? They make life more convenient! But with increased sales come the inevitable need for repairs.

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Electrician in Doncaster

Handling electrical repairs and fixes all by yourself without any previous experience is never a good idea when it comes to your safety. Regardless of whether it’s a blown bulb or an electrical short circuit, expert professionals at Rose electricals have the required skill set to help you with any electrical emergency you might require in your home.

Your local electrical services, providing customer satisfaction and ensuring their safety is our first priority. With our years of unrivalled expertise in the field of handling electricals and unmatchable prices, you can rest assured that you’re in professional hands. Our support and repair engineers provide assured service as committed. 

Top Brands in Domestic Appliances There are numerous top brands in the appliance market. From those specializing in vacuum cleaners to those mastering the art of dishwashers, it’s a competitive world. However, even the best brands occasionally require some TLC in the form of electrical repairs.

Spare Parts: Ensuring Longevity The availability of spare parts plays a crucial role in prolonging the life of appliances. Using genuine spare parts not only ensures optimal performance but also guarantees longevity.

Common Appliance Repairs Every appliance has its own set of common issues. Recognizing them early can save both time and money.

Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers Washing machines and tumble dryers are indispensable in most households. Whether it’s a heating element malfunction or a drum issue, these repairs are common yet fixable.

Electric Cookers and Their Heating Elements The heart of many kitchens, electric cookers, can sometimes present issues, especially related to their heating elements. A faulty cooker can disrupt your cooking flow, but timely repairs can set things right.


Frequently Asked Questions

As with any electrical work, the best option is always to leave the task to a qualified electrician, to ensure that the installation is done safely

When your washing machine isn’t cleaning clothes, the most common reason is that it isn’t draining properly, leaving dirt from the first wash in the drum so it’s still there after the last rinse. This means you need to clear your washing machine’s filter.

As there are few parts which might break down in a dryer, it’s usually worth repairing. If your dryer is over 10 years old and the cost of the repairs is over half the price you paid, it’s probably not worth fixing it. If it smells of burning, switch it off completely and call a dryer repair expert.

Your Flames Turn Orange When They Become Contaminated

The most common reason why gas stoves emit orange flames is that they have become contaminated with something, usually calcium. In order for your natural gas stove to combust properly, the right amount of fuel has to mix with the correct amount of oxygen.

There is a simple way to check if the fan is able to extract properly and this is to add a piece of paper or business card or similar to the inside grill. Check if the fan can hold it. Can you feel any air movement? If not, then the fan may not be extracting at an adequate level and needs replacing.